The transition from sport to education

When working to become advanced in any sports discipline, naturally it becomes the main focus and sometimes, other areas of your life can slip, including getting academic qualifications because, at the time, they may not appear to be as necessary or important when your life’s direction is already set out. However, when considering or planning for life after sport, education can prove vital. In this blog, SMS discusses how the transition from sport to education can benefit individuals in their future working lives and the opportunities this can help bring about.


Sport and Education: A history
There are a number of well-known sportspeople who have gained a qualification in higher education either during or after competing, including Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy and basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Their academic and sports achievements are an inspiration to many. However, it is apparent that this isn’t always the case for sportspeople, especially those who realise their sporting abilities at a young age. Although many American colleges have a ‘no pass no play’ rule for its athletes, this isn’t the case in the UK, forcing some to make tough decisions and compromising on their education.


Is education for you?
It has been argued that sport and education should marry well – both take a lot of focus and motivation so the skills to carry out a successful education are already there, they just need to be applied. However, balancing the two simultaneously can be difficult task and can take a lot of scheduling and self-control, especially during the height of playing or competing season. Yet, it is certainly achievable, especially when you are able to take on a qualification which has a flexible learning structure and good level of support from tutors.


Life after sport
Life after sport can seem intimidating and certainly a little scary if you do not have the correct qualifications or skills to take your next steps. But there are ways to improve this transition period by gaining the necessary skills that can be transferred into a workplace environment.  SMS works in conjunction with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David to deliver the Certificate of High Education Skills for the Workplace course.  This course can help you develop transferable workplace skills and give your career a boost in preparation for life after sport. This qualification is an internationally recognised professional and academic qualification, therefore demonstrating to your future employers that you are dedicated to your development and are able to work well within a team environment. This can also be undertaken in a flexible learning environment over ten months alongside a designated tutor to make the process more straightforward.