Setting development goals for 2019

Setting development goals for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, now is the perfect time to review your goals and achievements and put plans in place to refocus. Many of us set New Year’s resolutions that get ignored or left behind but with just a few weeks left of 2018, what do you want to achieve next year? In this blog, we’ll discuss best practices for setting development goals and the key things you need to consider.


Set aside time

Very little causes more of a disruption to development than a lack of time or feeling restricted. You should ensure that your set yourself enough time to sit down and understand what you want to achieve and to acknowledge what skills you already have under your belt. This can be a firm starting point to help you to plan your next steps in your development.


Gain feedback

If you’re struggling to identify your key skills or even if you think you do have a general awareness, you should look to gain feedback to understand what others think of you, including any strengths or weaknesses. This can be feedback from any current or previous employers, educators and even those closest to you. The more feedback you get, the more likely you are to get a 360 degrees perception of your abilities and personality. Doing this may help you to better choose your path and understand what areas need the most attention.


Be specific

If you are vague with your development goals, it’s likely that you will make very little progress as you’ll be lacking in direction. Think carefully about what industry you want to pursue and what job role you believe would be best suited to your skills or interests. Write down a vision of where you want to be and from there, you can plan your development to propose how you intend to get there.


Fill in any gaps

Once you have reviewed your goals, skills and ideal position, you should be able to identify any gaps in skills or knowledge. Of course, this is highly dependent on the career path you wish to pursue. For example, if you’d like to transition into a business focused role, you could consider a Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE) which will help you demonstrate knowledge and valuable skills to potential employers. Or perhaps if you’re looking to go into First Aid or medical roles, you may consider a First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3) course to take the first step in your training. Whatever career you wish to pursue, there will be training and experts available to assist you.


Review your progress

After you have taken initial steps towards your development, you should make sure you check your progress regularly to have an awareness of what stage of development you’re currently at in order to plan your next steps. This may require additional training or qualifications based on the seniority of the role you’re striving for but if you are strategic in your approach, you are certainly more likely to achieve.


At SMS, we offer a variety of training courses which can assist with your personal and professional development. Whether you’re searching for a Certificate of Higher Education Skills for the Workplace, First Response Emergency Care (FREC3) or perhaps Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), SMS has a variety of course which can help you to progress to the next stage of your career. For more information and to speak with a member of our team, contact us today.