Learning Grants

Do you qualify for a Welsh Government Learning Grant

Before you apply for WGLG FE there are a few things you will need to check to make sure you qualify.

  • Age – you must be 19 or over on 1st September 2020
  • Course – your course must be ‘eligible’ for WGLG FE support. Your college can tell you if the course you want to do is eligible.
  • Household Income – your household income must be £18,370 or less
  • Nationality and Residency – if you are a UK citizen living in Wales, you should be eligible. If you are not a UK citizen you may still be eligible, complete the application form and return it to us we’ll let you know whether or not you are eligible.

ReAct for Individuals

  • ReACT provide a package of support that helps people gain new skills, overcome obstacles, and improve their chances of returning to work in the shortest time possible following redundancy.
  • The package is additional to, and is offered in collaboration with, a wide range of support from the Welsh Government and our partner organisations such as Careers Wales and Jobcentre Plus.
  • The ReAct programme is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).
  • There are three parts to the scheme.
    • A vocational training grant for people who need to update their skills to return to work.
    • Extra support to help remove any barriers to vocational training.
    • A contribution towards wages and help with training costs for recruiting employers.

This support is available if you:

  • have become unemployed in the last three months as a result of redundancy. At the time we process your application, you must be unemployed and not have worked (16 hours or more per week) for six weeks or more in between the date of your redundancy and the date you apply for ReAct funding. However, for individuals who have already been awarded a ReAct Vocational Training grant within 3 months and have completed ReAct funded Vocational Training, we will allow an additional 3 months from redundancy in which to receive an application for Employer Recruitment Support from an employer.
  • are under a current notice of redundancy with a leave date within the next three months.
  • are resident in Wales at the date of issue of notice of redundancy and reside in Wales at the time of application and have the legal right to live and work in the UK.
  • are currently not undertaking any training which is funded directly or indirectly by public funds. This includes, but is not exclusive to, the Welsh Government’s work-based learning programmes.

Armed Forces Funding Options

How to Claim

OK, so you have decided you want to prepare for life outside the armed forces. As you probably know already, there are currently 3 ways in which you can receive funding to prepare yourself for this life changing step.

  • ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits).
  • IRTC (Individual Resettlement Training Costs).
  • SLC (Standard Learning Credits).

Call the dedicated SMS Training Team on 07802 220842 or fill out the funding request contact form.

SMS is an approved enhanced learning credits (ELC) course provider.

  • We assist those facing MOD resettlement, so we know and understand the needs and challenges you face when moving back into civilian life.
  • We can help you make the most of your ELC entitlement so that you are prepared for your career ahead.
  • Let us help you build on your professional knowledge and skills to improve your career opportunities and land a new job.

How does Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding work?

  • ELC funding is governed by the MOD, the details of which can be subject to change so the information we provide should only be used as a general guide to help you get started.
  • The Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) can give you the most up-to-date information about the scheme and the funding application process. You can also call them on 0845 3005179 or by emailing elcas@m-assessment.com

The Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) Grant 

  • The IRTC grant is available to Service leavers with six or more years’ service and all Medical Discharges. It is a contribution to training costs and can be used internally at the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC), Aldershot or at a Regional Resettlement Centre (RRC) for vocational training courses. It can also be used externally for training with CTP Preferred Suppliers. 
  • IRTC is available for tuition fees up to a maximum of £534.  A range of courses at the RTC Aldershot is delivered within the MOD contract (called Contract Funded training). These courses are pre-paid by the MOD and only ‘cost’ the Service leaver time and a portion of the £534 allowance. No money changes hands for the training but days and funding are deducted from the GRT allocation at a rate of £26.70 per day. The £534 gives access up to 20 days of CF training. Any exam or registration fees are extra and payable by the students, but other allowances may be available to help with those. 
  • The CTP also offers a range of courses that are not within the MOD contract known as Non-Contract Funded courses and you can use your IRTC grant or ELC to pay for these (see below for further information on ELC funding).

SLC (Standard Learning Credits)

The Standard Learning Credits (SLC) scheme is another way in which personnel can obtain financial assistance for training costs. This allows you to claim up to £175 per financial year. It is essential that you enrol on the SLC scheme before applying for your chosen course of study to claim this benefit. SLC cannot be used in conjunction with the ELC.

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