A blog post about the benefits of providing first aid training for your organisation

How does your organisation benefit from first aid training in the workplace?

A blog post about the benefits of providing first aid training for your organisation

Giving your staff first aid training is an excellent decision which has several benefits for organisation’s where you are a small businesses, charity or local authorities.

Whilst ensuring that you remain compliant with legislation and duty of care to your employees, it helps workers gain new skills and bond as a team, not to mention it could also save a life!

So, here is our guide to the huge benefits of first aid training for your staff…

What does the Law say?

Every workplace must comply with health and safety regulations which say that adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities, and personnel must be provided by employers to ensure employees get immediate attention if they are injured or become ill at work. This is enshrined in the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 which apply to all workplaces, including those with fewer than five employees. It also applies to the self-employed.

Employers should carry out an assessment of their workplaces identifying risks and hazards which enable the implementation of control measures such as first aid equipment, trained first aiders, instruction, and training to your staff. The Health and Safety Executive also encourages businesses and organisations to consider the needs of customers and visitors when it comes to deciding on first aid.

First aid training makes your workplace safer

When your staff are trained in first aid, they understand the potential hazards in the workplace and how to avoid them. That awareness is spread between employees, and that helps you create a safety culture reducing the number of accidents, and staff sickness time. That is a win-win situation.

Even if there is an injury, prompt first aid treatment can also reduce the amount of recovery time needed.

It helps to save you money

Investing in first aid training is a wise move. A more productive workforce means that, you will be able to meet orders on time and avoid financial penalties. You also will not have to manage the cost of drafting in and training temporary staff. Of course, if there is an accident and you do not have adequate first aider cover, you could also face investigation by your local authority of the HSE, and that could end in a costly fine.

It improves your employees’ skill set

Giving your staff first aid training gives them new skills. Not only do they learn about first aid, they also begin to understand health and safety issues in the workplace, they practice clear communication, and understand the importance of supportive team working. These are transferable skills which may also be useful in other workplace situations. Investing in your people is always a positive thing to do, creating a positive working atmosphere. They gain skills which could help them outside of the workplace, too, with friends or family.

How has COVID-19 affected first aid training?

Employers have an obligation to ensure their staff know how to give first aid safely during the pandemic, ensuring they know what to do to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. That is why we have blended that information into our first aid courses and refresher courses.

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