First Aid training for Aid sector staff

First Aid training: why it’s essential for staff working in the Aid sector

First Aid training for Aid sector staff


Your health and safety responsibilities as an employer

As an employer you are responsible for the safety of everyone in your workplace. You have a legal duty to ensure that your organisation has a sufficient number of trained first aiders.

Whether an injury happens to a member of your staff, or to a member of the general public while they are on your work premises, your first aiders will be called upon to act. 

Risk assessments

You are also required to carry out risk assessments in order to determine what level of first aid provision is considered ‘adequate and appropriate’ for different circumstances and scenarios.

Key questions to ask during risk assessments:

  • Are there any specific risks?
  • How many employees are there?
  • Do workers travel or work alone?
  • Is the site remote? (This can have a massive impact on emergency services being able to get to your site, and may result in the need for a trained first aider)


Why First Aid training is essential for staff working in high risk environments

There are many reasons why First Aid is needed in High Risk Environments (HRE) such as the remote areas of South Sudan.

  • An Increased likelihood of injury or illness
  • Increased severity of that injury or illness
  • Complications of an extended period of time before definitive care (e.g. a hospital) is reached

Your first aid training planning within your organisation should reflect and cater for these challenges. Procedures should be put in place to ensure that each staff member has the ability and confidence to respond effectively.


First Aid training provided by SMS Training Africa

At SMS Training Africa, we provide three types of training for your staff:

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
This training allows staff to provide emergency first aid.

First Aid at Work (FAW)
This course includes EFAW, as well as additional training for specific injuries and illnesses.

First Responder (FP)
This training is intended for staff who require advanced skills and interventions.


First Aid training in Juba, South Sudan with SMS Training

SMS Training Africa are currently running a series of accredited First Aid workshops in Juba, South Sudan. These workshops are intended to assist organisations operating in the country to meet their duty of care to their employees and programs, by ensuring that staff have the competence to respond to first aid emergencies.

25 and 29 November 2019 – Emergency First Aid at Work with the Management of Catastrophic Bleeding

26 – 28 November 2019 – First Aid at Work with the Management of Catastrophic Bleeding


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At SMS Training Africa we consider advanced First Aid as deeper understanding and better decision making, advanced assessment skills, advanced diagnostic skills, a better understanding of illnesses and injuries and a wider selection of techniques.


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