Food Safety Level 2


CPD accredited food safety training written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger this e-learning course meets all mandatory training requirements.

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Protect your staff, your company and your customers

Food safety is a constant concern for the public. It’s important your employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

  • Improve your food safety

    Ensure knowledge of food safety among all staff is at the required level

  • Combat microbiological hazards

    Understand microbiological hazards and how to manage and reduce them

  • Avoid food poisoning

    Get to grips with how food poising occurs, and the measures needed to prevent it

  • Control contamination hazards

    Learn the essentials on contamination control and how to implement preventative measures

  • Address personal hygiene

    Food handlers have a responsibility to observe high standards of personal hygiene

  • Handle cleaning and disinfection

    Improve knowledge of how to effectively clean and disinfect your food preparation areas

  • Control pests

    Don’t let pests become a menace, find out how to prevent a pest problem

  • Safely handle and store food

    Know the best way to stock and handle food to preserve the highest quality

  •  Food safety management systems

    Learn how to successfully implement food safety management systems such as HACCP