Journey Management

Journey Management

The policies, processes and procedures surrounding a travelling workforce is termed ‘Journey Management’. In essence, the goal of journey management is to ensure travelling employees arrive safely at their destination. For every journey one should ask if the journey is actually necessary; the safest journey is the one not taken. If the journey is necessary it is advised to consider other, safer, transportation options than car travel. This may include train or bus transport.


When making a road journey, whether it’s for business or pleasure, your chances of arriving safely are greatly increased by careful planning. Fail to plan adequately and your chances of being involved in an incident will increase. A Journey Management Plan is typically a set process that you follow for planning and undertaking road transport journeys in compliance with HSSE requirements, with the goal of arriving safely.


SMS Group will assist its clients by integrating its travel safety packages with an enhanced duty of care

  • Pre travel planning provided travelers with the appropriate level of knowledge and education.
  • During the journey period we have the capacity to monitor, provide information and alerts and track movement providing an enhanced sense of wellbeing and support.
Businessman working with virtual interface connection map of global partner connection use for logistic,import,export background.(Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

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