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Integrated Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

Many companies now hold certification to numerous standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. For organisations in this position, it makes sense to combine two or more management system standards into a single or ‘integrated’ system. The integrated approach stretches far beyond simply placing several sets of procedures in one manual but is about having a single management system that complies with the requirements of two or more standards.


An Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates all of an organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives. Organizations often focus on management systems individually, often in silos and sometimes even in conflict.


How can an integrated assessment benefit my organisation?
SMS Group is now able to provide combined assessment visits for those businesses operating multiple management systems. We provide assessors that are able to respond to client needs and our assessment methodology ensures that we can continue to provide a high-quality service while maintaining the integrity of our services.


The benefits can be significant:

  • Less disruption and duplication of effort
  • Senior management can diary a single event for the auditor/audit team
  • Single executive summary following the visit where SMS Group highlight systems.
  • Improvements and any compliance issues you may face

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