About the SMS Group

Syracuse Managed Solutions Limited [trading as SMS Training] operates from Cardiff, South Wales delivering Business and Management training and consultancy services as well as safety, security and medical training and services globally. The company is currently active are currently active with NGO and Commercial clients in the UK, Albania, Afghanistan, and South Sudan (SMS Africa Training and Consultancy).

We pride ourselves on our Armed Forces heritage which allows us to support, advise and signpost Service Leavers, Spouses and Veterans on all aspects of transition.

SMS Training and Consultancy emanate from a wealth of Global Security Risk Management, Training experience and knowledge held by our Senior Management Team and Instructors.

We are also a dynamic provider of remote medical support services, providing high-quality health care to clients in remote areas of the world where access is limited or unavailable.

Why choose the SMS Group

SMS continuously strives to be a leading provider of cutting edge training to the safety and security industry. We are constantly updating and creating innovative new courses and setting standards for the industry as a whole.

Our success is down to the quality and expertise of our staff, continual professional development and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

A large percentage of our annual turnover is generated through repeat business and customer recommendations.

Our security training courses are not only bespoke, but also flexible. If required, we can adapt our courses to be delivered at any location, including in our clients’ offices. Furthermore, our courses are modular and can be quickly adapted to meet changes in location, facilities and time available.

Our learning environment embraces the ethos of total quality training and customer satisfaction.

Instructor Pools

Syracuse Managed Solutions maintain a pool of highly qualified and dedicated instructors who are assigned to cover specific regions throughout Scotland, England and Wales. All SMS instructors are highly qualified, multi-skilled and have at least 10 years practical experience in their respective fields of training. Many have at least twenty years operational and practical experience working in specialist fields of safety and security, e.g.“High Risk Environments”, “Crisis Environments”, (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Africa), Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians and First Responders.

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