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Safety and security training and consultancy for NGOs

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What our clients say

Highly Recommended

"Ian was an asset to IRD operations in Afghanistan and the key pillar of security leadership country wide. He is a proactive and tireless professional, ensuring every aspect of his work is carried out with the highest level of quality."

Trevor Hughes - Global Security Expert
I trust and recommend SMS

"The training delivered by SMS gave our key staff a good grounding in security principles and procedures. We were also able to identify gaps in our organisation's existing emergency security set up. I would recommend SMS to any organisation that needs similar training. I really trust and recommend this company. They are true professionals in the field of security training."

Anna Trzcinska - Country Director, Johanniter International Assistance, South Sudan

"I have known Ian since 2004. He was a Team Leader with KSI/Kroll serving in Iraq. He has sound judgement, good organisational skills, good operational skills and the respect of his team. I would work with him without hesitation."

Nick Doyle - Head of Security Risk Management